This day marks the start of our journey with Quantitool’s blog. After several years helping companies and people around the world in their trading businesses, we decided to start sharing here some experience and knowledge in the form of ideas and work. We believe this is an efficient way to spread our expertise, as we wouldn’t be able to help each one of you directly. There are several points that we would like to address on what we aim to achieve:

– We will never recommend or offer a company/idea/system that we don’t trust in. We might be wrong at times but we will try to impose a firm ethical barrier on what we suggest as we live in a digital world where often the impersonality in communications can benefit and favour the dishonest and coward ones. We consider we have enough of that in the trading world.

– All comments will be appreciated here and we will be open to discuss your ideas, specially if they aim at pointing out a possible error we made. We firmly believe in the scientific method. Only disrespectful comments might be omitted or ignored.

– We will initially try to post 1-2 times per month. Topics will be generally trading system developments and statistical testing, but others related to cryptocurrency protocols, artificial intelligence and investing ideas will occur eventually as well. We are happy to hear your suggestions on what is more interesting in any case.

Lastly, let’s put money and financial decisions in the scale of value they deserve. If we are here today talking about these topics and experiencing the world’s constant progress is mainly because of productivity and trade. We will not delve into political subjects but it is important to understand what crossroads the world is facing nowadays. At the time of this writing we are going through a catastrophic event as a pandemic, that will likely change our lives forever. Most government made some decisions for us and the debate was health vs economy when the truth is these subjects are far from uncorrelated. Data and rational analysis have been trampled in many ways in favour of hysteria and demagogy, and as Central banks also made their decisions to print and fuel the money we use into the economy, this will have dire implications. On the other side of the spectrum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to slowly develop and reach more people that value the escape they offer to other than the centralized planning we live in. It will be interesting to see what is the future like, but getting ready for every alternative is a must and the attitude and vision we as rational people should make. At the risk of getting more philosophical I thank you for joining us in this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more and the start of the action.

Jesús Martín,
Quantitools CEO

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