Proprietary Trading and Data Provider

Next generation algorithmic trading systems and the highest quality granular data for the cryptocurrencies market.

Quantitools Data

We collect, store, normalize and validate data for all instruments from options, swaps and futures to spot trading.


We offer execution management software developed based on our strong expertise in quantitative trading.

Trading Strategies

Traditional markets and cryptocurrencies algorithmic trading strategies built with our own proprietary quantitative methods.

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Professional Quantitative Traders

Quantitools is a proprietary trading and data provider specialized in algorithmic and high frequency trading. As a multicultural team, we appreciate and highly encourage the free and open exchange of ideas, as we believe it creates the perfect environment to achieve the best possible solution to our clients. We are keen to share knowledge and we also provide consulting solutions and custom programming to clients and companies looking for automated trading projects. Our experience with individual traders as well as proprietary trading groups and hedge funds, is our most important asset.


All instruments from options, swaps, futures to spot trading in the above exchanges are available at Quantitools Data. We have data going back to 2014 for some exchanges while others are complete since 2020. We collect, store, normalize, validate and reshape tick by tick data and the most granular orderbooks available in these exchanges.

What makes us different from other crypto data providers is our long experience in creating and deploying algorithmic trading systems. The base of a solid and successful prediction algorithm is the quality of the data, therefore we deploy state-of-the-start techniques to validate our datasets and make them ideal for research and quantitative analysis.

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Quantitools is a proprietary trading firm specialized in algorithmic and high frequency trading.

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