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Quantitools offers an execution, order management software with embedded trading systems that were developed to benefit from price changes based on our strong expertise in quantitative trading.

The software automates effective, profitable trading strategies for cryptocurrencies and takes over all processes from risk management to submitting orders to exchange.

We offer trading systems designed for such exchanges as Kraken, Binance and BitMEX and this list is continuously growing. The Quantitools Software uses Websocket and REST APIs with .NET to connect to the exchange’s servers.


Easy-to-use flexible interface

Trading with advanced quantitative trading strategies for Kraken, Binance and BitMEX exchanges

Trading on any count of symbols simultaneously

Monitoring and managing orders and positions

Monitoring of balances and real-time market data

On-screen detailed logs of all actions made

Configuring trading process and trading strategies parameters

Placing orders manually

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Quantitools is a proprietary trading firm specialized in algorithmic and high frequency trading.

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